Full Set$30
White Tone Refill$12 & up
Sparkle Tips Refill$12 & up
Finish Gel on Top$8 & up
Pink & White$45
Full Set Natural$40
Refill Natural$29
Pink & White$55
Full Set$40
Pink & White$55
Finish Gel on Top$8 & up

Manicure + Color$20
Pedicure + Color$30
Combo Mani & Pedi$45
(fancy design and french tips extra)
Nail Removal$15 & up
Color/Air Brush Change$10 & up
Nail Fix$5 & up
Extra Length Nails$5 & up
Paraffin Wax Hands/Feet$12 & up

We have a Huge Selection of Nail Polish!
OPI100 colors
China Glaze100 colors
Gel Nail PolishOver 250 colors

14 days wear, or more
Mirror finish
Zero dry time
No nail damage
Removes in a minute
Manicure with choice of colour$35
Manicure with French Tip$40
French Tip without Manicure$30
Cut + File + Color$25
Remove + Cut + File$10
Extra Long Nails$5 & up
Pedicure$55 & up
Pedicure with French Tip$55 & up

Includes all the usual extras of our sensational manicures & pedicures:

  • Warm soak
  • Remove old polish
  • Cut and file nail to your preferred length
  • Remove excess cuticle on nail beds, clean under nails
  • Treat ingrown or problem nails if needed
  • Remove callous and smooth skin with Ocean-Minty exfoliation scrub
  • Warm rinse, dry, massage of feet & calves or hands & feet
  • Treat dry skin areas and do a final check before apply polish

With an added treat!

For an added $20, your foot and calf massage or hand and arm massage
will be extended by 20 minutes to include one of the special treatments below:

A chocoholic's dream!
Rich, smooth, aromatic, comforting and indulgent...
This sensational treatment features a massage using 100% natural dark chocolate.
Leaves your skin silky soft and deeply moisturized, with an almost euphoric sense of total relaxation.

An Ancient Egypt treatment using pure honey and finishing off with moisturizing
sesame milk for a true Cleopatra experience.

An application of Dead Sea mineral mud and essential oils.
Deeply nourishing, removes impurities, firms skin and assists
in cell regeneration.

Your personal essential oil blend specific to your needs is gently applied with flowing, relaxing strokes.

This exfoliation treatment with essential oils, mineral-rich sea salts,
and ground nuts smoothes away dead skin cells and stimulates blood
and lymph circulation, leaving skin moisturized and soft.

Combine the advantages of massage with the vibrational healing properties of crystals
to balance and harmonize your whole being. Essential oils with and crystal spheres, wands and palm stones.

Hot Stone Massage is an amazing experience that makes you feel deeply relaxed.
The heat and pressure of the hot stones encourage the essential oils to penetrate quickly and deeply into the muscles.

Combines the rich, smooth, aromatic, comforting and indulgent chocolate massage With the heat and comfort of the hot stone massage! Decadent!

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